Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Beyond Africa - A Book Review

After fifteen years in the States, twenty-two-year-old Lilly has returned to Africa as a nurse and a missionary. She is confident that this is where she belongs – where God wants her to be, but what she didn’t bank on was Case McCord, the handsome American pilot, strangely interested in her well-being, or Sam, the precious two-year-old Congolese boy, who has attached himself to her hip and stolen her heart.

Each week brings new refugees to the mission along with new concerns. As conflict draws nearer uneasiness settles over the camp. The Democratic Republic of Congo is flush with militants who are encroaching upon Lilly’s safe-haven. Though she finds herself in a war zone, the Congo is Lilly’s adopted home, the place she grew up as a child of missionaries. But now this land is filled with strife, fading memories of a happier time, and a gnawing pain.

Lilly’s fear and faith rise to the surface as she is forced to deal with the effects of civil war, the anguish of losing of her mom and dad as a child, and confront her own uncertain future. What further purpose could there be in the bewildering presence of Case, the exasperating yet altogether likeable pilot? What of the children and the mission – are miracles even possible in this war torn, seemingly, God-forsaken land? Why would she or anyone stay? Surprisingly, nothing could make her leave, until…

Beyond Africa is the first published work by author, Carie Lawson. Lawson appears a veteran as she masterfully weaves faith and storytelling together with captivating detail and compelling characters. The book sustains a series of wonderful paradoxes and draws its reader in through clever dialogue, the harsh realities of poverty and war, and a sense of impending romance.

As this fantastic world unfolds, Ms. Lawson triumphs in sharing her heroine’s faith in a miraculous and loving God without forcing the issue or becoming preachy. She further explores the emotional stress involved when feelings of attraction and faith collide. What does one do when heart, soul and mind are competing for attention?

Destined for success Lawson has done an excellent job of capturing the reader’s imagination and keeping her interest. While enjoying this book, I have come to know and appreciate the intriguing characters with their many facets. Even now, my mind drifts to Lilly and little Sam as my own little hip hugger cuddles up next to me.

Fortunately we have much more to look forward to from Carie Lawson. This book is just the first in a series of four soon to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing. Thank you, Desert Breeze, for such an auspicious introduction.

So what will become of the conflict raging within the African Congo and that stirring within Lilly’s heart? I hope you will take the time to read on and find out.

Beyond Africa is currently available as an E-book through online book retailers. You can purchase and download your own copy, by visiting desertbreezepublishing.com, amazon.com, or booksonboard.com.

To learn more about Carie Lawson and future projects please visit her at carielawsonbooks.com.

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