Monday, January 28, 2008

In Session

It was one of the best days of my life, and I spent it in a little control room. The monumental day - January 24th. I began recording my first album, "You Wrecked Me"

We recorded 9 songs. I've never been associated with such brilliance and humility in the context of music as I was on this day. It was amazing to see the words and tunes that I had labored over come to life. And they DID!

So, if you didn't know -- I'm recording a CD. Yea!!! All the songs are originals that I have written over the past year. If I had to pick a genre or style I would call it INDIE/ROCK/CHRISTIAN.

We laid all of the instrumental tracking this week, but we haven't started on vocals yet. We're hoping to be able to release it in the Spring and start limited touring after that.

I'm still praying the details through. God has brought us this far and we don't want to run ahead of him. I would appreciate your prayers and support. When I have singles that I'm ready to let you hear I'll post them on MySpaceMusic and

In general the family is good. I'm a little foggy presently, but God is good and He has a plan.