Friday, November 09, 2007

Peer Pressure

I have succumb to the pressure from a "dear" friend to blog. So here goes...Since my ruminations are forced I'm not sure how pure they will be. I feel almost as if I am a studying for a midterm. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic. Homework...yeah, that's it. Now I feel like Joel Caleb when I tell him, "it's time to write a 2-point paragraph." Ughh!

So, what is going on? The kids are doing great. Joel Caleb (2nd grade) is presently writing a 2-point paragraph on his "Favorite Games." Catherine is in Kindergarten. I'm amazed at how well she is doing at reading. She is picking up some concepts much more quickly than I anticipated. Haley, wants so badly to be involved, but her attention carries her between baby dolls and letter writing in 5-minute intervals. Thankfully, Brian has taken 22-month old Isaac with him to run errands this morning. Otherwise, I would have him in and out of my lap and most of these words misspelled.

Me? Glad you asked. It's not that I haven't been writing; I'm just not writing on the internet. In the past year God has been really growing me in the areas of Prayer and Worship. It's been incredible to see how God has used His word to awaken things in me I thought were dead or create things I never thought possible. I've been reading thorough the book of Isaiah. I love that book. The justice and holiness of God really becomes clear as Isaiah pronounces God's judgement on the people and then speaks God's mercy. Isaiah himself is overcome with his own unrighteousness (Chptr 6). Something I can relate to. I have so many favorite passages that I couldn't site them all, but one outstanding characteristic of Isaiah is "...that God will not share His glory." Everything that He does, every gift that He gives is so that He might be exalted and others might be drawn to Him. I've grown to know God like never and before, and I want to know him even better. I find myself really looking forward to spending time with God and even stealing it (which makes sense if you have kids)!

I suppose that's enough for my first time out in awhile. See you sometime.