Friday, February 16, 2007

Snow Day

Catherine, Joel Caleb and Haley--decked out for their 1st snow day of the season. Later we went to our neighbors house and slid down their "tiny" hill (really their driveway). The girls only lasted 20 minutes and then went in for some hot chocolate. (Sounds kind of good right now!)

Mimi & Isaac

In January Mom came to help us celebrate Isaac's 1st birthday. We had such a great visit. We were sad to see her go. So was our kitchen.

We miss you Mimi! Come back soon.


Laura said...

SO fun to see new pictures!!! We love you guys!!! XXOO

Cecilia said...

Hey J.P.! So great to see your family and your new house! Can't wait to be guests at the Murie Cabin!